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Solutions for Software development and Project management

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Enhance your processes

Do you need help in software product development? Coding support? Coding workflow processing? Or project management? Steniant offers professional, technologically advanced solutions where special expertise or additional skilled employees are needed. As our client your firm will benefit from smart solutions customized for your particular situation. As a consequence, you will get more flexibility in your operations in order to successfully manage your project workflows to completion.

Precise expertise

Steniant provides consulting services focused on software development, project management and recruitment for the specialist needs of the business-to-business market. Our rock-solid expertise, gained over the course of many years, helps our clients to obtain the best possible results and to overcome the variety of challenges related to software development projects, which may at first seem difficult to identify and then solve. Together we will find solutions tailored to your corporate requirements, thus ensuring proficient project management, for successful product development today and tomorrow. 

Our services

Software Consulting

Services related to software engineering, implementation and testing are Steniant’s core competencies. Steniant has extensive and longstanding experience in a wide range of technological environments applied by companies of all sizes. Throughout our history we have been improving our knowledge of software development and it will be our focus in the future.

Project Management

Steniant has gained a wealth of experience in carrying out various software projects. Management skills have a key role in successful implementation of any project, and thanks to our vast experience, Steniant is able to take even complex processes safely to the final stage. There will be no expensive and unnecessary delays when Steniant is in charge of your project.

Recruitment services

Our network, built during our many years in the IT industry, enables us to find skilled and reliable professionals for technologically challenging positions. Even before the establishment of the company our key management has in various sectors got to know a large number of really cool people, who have been involved in creating various success stories in the software industry. We will do our everything, so that the right professionals can find each other.
Kalle Koivisto, Managing director, Koodimus oy
Antti is a real professional and very reasonable and comfortable to do business with. He’s more than capable of seeing the bigger picture and finding a solution for your individual needs.
Kari Jussila, Engineering Manager, Unikie oy
Antti is a great professional team player. He understands the values of the high performing team and knows how to work with individuals in order to achieve great results in the projects. Antti has an extremely wide collegial network of sw professionals, and he has spontaneously promoted them to the Unikie teams.

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